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I like the art portal

2009-06-19 14:46:35 by ChesterMcNuts

I was wondering when it was finally gonna be added

If i can keep working at a good pace, and not think about yesterday, i could finish by next week or by the following week.

The dress up doll

2008-06-11 17:27:07 by ChesterMcNuts

Okay so I've put more work into it, but i still need to finish all the designs first.
so these r just a few.


The dress up doll

Well, I'm sick of seeing these crap dress ups, so yeah... I'm making another crap dress up lol

It's so far the easiest thing for me to make, so yeah...

I know, I press very lightly with the pencil, so please bare with me. Those are just quick designs i came up with, so yeah... I'ma get started now :D

Finally working on my first submission

I just remember...

2008-06-09 01:06:12 by ChesterMcNuts

I got this from The Big Apple Con :D

I also got a hug from TOM! XDD!!!!

I just remember...

The Big Apple Con!

2008-06-07 23:52:11 by ChesterMcNuts

It was fucking great!
thats it... lol